Frequently Asked Questions

What do the hotels cost and how close are they to Moscone Center?
There are several hotels with rates from $256-$540 per night that are within walking distance to Moscone Center. For those that are not close enough to walk, there will be shuttle service. For the most current list of hotels and rates, visit our hotel booking information page. Please note, you must register for RSA Conference to obtain access to the hotel booking site.

Is there meeting space at RSA Conference?
There are various areas within Moscone Center for impromptu and informal meetings.

Is Moscone Center ADA compliant?
It is Moscone Center’s intention to provide all reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities to assist them in attending events held at the center. 

Is there a Lactation Room or Nursing Mother’s Room at Moscone Center?
Yes, there will be a Nursing Mother’s Room at Moscone. Exact location to be determined.

Are translation services available?
The Conference is presented in English only. No translation services are available.

What special dietary requirements are accommodated with the meals at Conference?
Limited vegetarian options are available at most Conference-related meal functions.