Intezer introduces a Genetic Malware Analysis technology, revolutionizing cyber threat detection and response. By revealing the genetic origins of all software code, Intezer equips enterprises with an advanced way to detect modern cyber threats, while providing deep context on how to effectively respond to incidents. Intezer offers solutions for cloud security, incident response automation, & more

New Product

Intezer Protect

Intezer Protect is a runtime cloud security product that defends your cloud workloads against modern cyber attacks. Powered by Genetic Malware Analysis technology, Intezer Protect continuously identifies the origins of every fragment of code running in your cloud infrastructure—detecting any unauthorized or malicious activity while providing complete visibility in runtime. Intezer Protect is a cloud-native product, designed to meet the unique scale and performance needs of modern production systems. By producing only actionable and high confidence alerts, the product requires minimal to no effort from the security team