Cyberbit is the world leader in cyber range platforms & is the only provider of detection, response, automation & orchestration products across IT/OT networks. Cyberbit prepares organizations for cyberattacks with products that upskill people and streamlines processes. Cyberbit’s investors include Elbit Systems (NASDAQ: ESLT) and Claridge. Cyberbit has offices in Israel, the US, Europe, & Asia.

New Product

Cyberbit Cloud Range

Cyberbit is proud to announce the launch of the Cyberbit Cloud Range. Stop wasting time, budget, and energy flying out to train on a Cyber Range when the world’s leading and most hyper realistic range is available whenever and wherever you’d like to train. Best of all, the Cyberbit Cloud Range uses real world enterprise grade tools to defend against real world attacks on a real world simulated network, ensuring your team is prepared for the moment a critical attack occurs. The Cyberbit Cloud Range is suitable for training both teams and individuals, featuring a library of attack scenarios ranging from Novice to Advanced difficulty. Each scenario features a prebuilt network of tools and servers, along with our proprietary attack and benign traffic generator. Additionally, using our evaluation system, trainees can track their progress along with an instructor to ensure they are suitably skilled to handle a critical incident.