1. Moscone West 3000

Public-Key Cryptography Algorithms and Applications, Part 2:  Accumulators and Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Topic 1: Universally Composable Accumulators

Author(s): Foteini Baldimtsi (George Mason University, USA), Ran Canetti (Boston University, USA), and Sophia Yakoubov (Boston University, USA, and Aarhus University, Denmark)

Topic 2: A Non-Interactive Shuffle Argument With Low Trust Assumptions

Author(s): Antonis Aggelakis (GRNET, Greece), Prastudy Fauzi (Simula UiB, Norway), Georgios Korfatis (GRNET, Greece), Panos Louridas (GRNET, Greece), Foteinos Mergoupis-Anagnou (GRNET, Greece), Janno Siim (University of Tartu, Estonia), and Michal Zajac (Clearmatics, UK)

The landing page for the RSA Conference Cryptography track proceedings is located here:https://www.rsaconference.com/usa/agenda/cryptography/download-topics-in-cryptology

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