Our mission at RSA Conference is to provide programs that help ensure cybersecurity practitioners around the world get the knowledge they need to spur professional growth and protect their organizations from cyberthreats.

We will be partnering with the following organizations at RSAC 2020 to offer Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits to our attendees. Credits vary by association, as do submission details.
Use these tips to make sure you get yours:

Indicate your affiliation during registration
When registering for RSA Conference, you will be asked to indicate the association(s) you are affiliated with. For our education partners like (ISC)and GIAC, it’s important that you list your member identification number in order to receive credits.

Attend your selected sessions
As you enter each of our sessions, your badge scan will enable us to track your participation. The sessions that you can earn credits with, as well as how many credits you will earn, vary by association. For sessions hosted by industry organizations, your information will be shared with the association by RSAC so that they may give you proper credit if you are a member. For all others, you will need to self-report.

Submit your Trip Report to your association(s)
You will receive a Trip Report from RSA Conference in the day or two following the event that will show all of the sessions you were scanned in to. Submit any required documentation to the association(s) you belong to in order to receive your credits. The credits will vary by association.

Follow up with the associations to ensure you receive your credits
The timeframe for credits to be given varies by association. We recommend following up within 30 days of submitting your documentation.  

Association Details

American Bar Association
The American Bar Association Section of Science & Technology Law sponsors the Law Track at RSA Conference 2020. SciTech has applied for Continuing Legal Education Credits in many mandatory CLE states for all sessions in this track. Contact SciTech at (312) 988-5599 with any questions.

RSA Conference 2020 attendees who are a part of CompTIA’s Continuing Education (CE) Program can earn 1 CEU for each hour you attend, with a max earning depending on certification. Attendees will need to submit a detailed description of session content and provide their Trip Report based on sessions scanned during Conference for support through CertMetrics to receive CEUs for a RSAC session.

Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) certification holders may earn up to 18 CPEs for attending applicable keynote and track sessions at RSA Conference 2020. Attendees will need to apply for proper credentials, and provide their trip report based on scanned sessions during the Conference for support.


IAPP offers 12 CPE Credits for RSA Conference 2020 attendees. Members will need to self-report attendance information for credits by completing a CPE application form and providing support documentation. For more information, go to https://iapp.org/certify/cpe.

ISACA members are entitled to CPE credits for attending RSA Conference 2020. Members can qualify for 1 CPE credit for each applicable keynote and track session subject to ISACA approval. Members will need to self-report attendance information with a copy of the post-conference Trip Report (detailing sessions attended through badge scanning while onsite) as support of their request.

(ISC)2 members can earn up to 40 CPE credits for attending RSA Conference 2020. After Conference, RSAC will provide (ISC)2 with a list of attending (ISC)2 members including their names, membership numbers and applicable credits. Please note, we ask for your (ISC)2 membership number during the registration process.