Established in 1998, RSA Conference Awards acknowledge outstanding contributions of individuals and/or organizations. 

In 2020, the winner of the Excellence in the Field of Mathematics award will be presented during the RSA Conference 2020 Opening Keynotes, the morning of Tuesday February 25th.

This award recognizes innovation and ongoing contribution to the field of cryptography. The judging committee seeks to acknowledge those nominees who are pioneers in their field, and whose work has applied lasting value. Nominees are affiliated with universities or research labs.


Submissions are now closed!

There are no specific criteria for selection but in order for your candidate to be seriously considered, please be as specific as possible about your nominee’s accomplishments. Here are some suggestions to include:

  • What is his or her contribution to the field of cryptography?
  • Describe the lasting value of his or her work


The winner(s) will be announced during the RSA Conference 2020 Opening Keynote Sessions on Tuesday, February 25th.

1. You may nominate more than one person for either award, but multiple submissions for the same person will not increase their chances of winning an award.

2. A selection committee will be created, which will review the nominations submitted and select a winner.

3. All submitted material will remain confidential.

4. Descriptions of submissions may be published in connection with the awards. Entrants may mark sensitive parts of their entry clearly as 'not for publication'.

5. Entries may be withdrawn or re-submitted at any time up to the closing date upon written request. Please send requests to 

6. The committee reserves the right to amend category selection where appropriate.

7. The committee will decide if there is any conflict of interest in a committee member voting or finding in favor of a specific entry. In the event that there is, that member will not be permitted to influence any decisions regarding that entry.

8. The committee’s decision is final in all cases.

9. Finalists will be notified approximately four to six weeks in advance of the presentation of the awards.

If you have any questions about the RSA Conference 2020 Awards Program, please email