The threat level has never been higher. As recent headlines attest, no company, organization or government agency is immune to targeted attacks by persistent, skilled adversaries. Their unprecedented success has led many to question the efficacy of solely prevention-focused countermeasures. Rather, a more modern approach includes a multi-layer strategy in which early detection, attack containment and recovery measures are considered together. Having processes in place to detect, mitigate, respond to and remediate the impact of such attacks is imperative for all organizations from startups to global enterprises.  For the past eight years the Online Trust Alliance has published guidance on data protection and breach readiness including a broad set of operational and technical best practices to help protect company’s and customers’ personal data. A key to success is moving from a compliance perspective to one of stewardship. This perspective recognizes the long term impact to a brand, the importance of consumer trust and implications and considerations with vendors and business partners.  In this session you will hear highlights from OTA’s 2016 Data Protection and Breach Readiness Guide with specific advice on actions all organizations should take.

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