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RSA Conference 2015 brings The Sandbox, an opportunity to take part in a series of hands-on, interactive exhibits designed to demonstrate info-sec skills used in every day.  Stop by and solve a crime at the CSI Digital Crime Lab, a mocked-up crime scene and digital forensics lab. Participate in or watch, SANS NetWars, a suite of real-life challenges to test out your info-sec skills.  Using SuperTuxKart, an open-source version of Mario Kart, join the OpenGarages demo and interact with the technology that moves your car. Try your hand at hardware hacking with JTAGulator, and work with industrial equipment stations (ICS) found in a typical water plant at the ICS Village. You will learn something, no matter what your level or background. And don’t forget about to unwind at Cybrew Café, taste the brew at Beer Camp, and beat burnout at the Morning Meditation class. For more details, check out: http://www.rsaconference.com/events/us15/agenda/the-sandbox