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Authors of malicious code employ clever tactics to get around security tools such as analysis sandboxes and antivirus products. This hands-on lab explores such techniques by looking at real-world samples with the help of a debugger, so you can better understand evasion mechanisms and learn how to examine them on your own. Participants must bring a laptop with a VM set up according to the instructions they’ll receive prior to this session. Prior experience with malware analysis is not required.

Learning Objectives:
1: Clearly understand how malware authors implement evasion tactics in their code.
2: Learn how to spot and examine evasion techniques by analyzing malware using a debugger.
3: Understand how to draw conclusions from malicious code analysis to fortify anti-malware defenses.

General understanding of Microsoft Windows architecture that involves the use of API calls for environmental interactions. General understanding of programming concepts such as if-else statements and function calls. General understanding of anti-malware technologies, such as antivirus tools and automated analysis sandboxes.