I am giving a webinar on June 8 on 'Effective Data Destruction Practices' at 10:00AM Pacific, 1:00PM Eastern, for O'Reilly Media. 

Changes in data storage technologies, new Federal and State data privacy regulations and other factors have created an urgent need to have effective electronic records destruction practices. 

This session will detail the specifics of these changes and how organizations can protect themselves from huge financial liabilities. Having a defined data destruction strategy not only ensures a greener environment, but also ensures that the terabytes of stored data on the hardware are completely and permanently deleted. 

This session will discuss: legally compliant electronic records destruction policy; effective data destruction methods; degaussing, dismantling and refining; documentation and reporting; hardware & software 

Information - http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/e/1627 

Free registration - https://oreilly.connectsolutions.com/datadestruction/event/registration.html