This week we're highlighting the blog of Phoenix TS, a woman-owned IT training and certification provider based in the greater DC metropolitan area.

Vaughn Regelin, Phoenix TS: IT Security Blog 

Describe your blog in one sentence: The latest developments and more on information security around the world.

Complete this sentence: “The RSA Conference is where you need to be if you are a member of the security industry.”

Why did you decide to blog about security?

As a training center, cyber security is one of our specialties. It was just logical to focus our company blog on Information Security because it is what we know best.

What advice would you give a young person who is thinking about entering the security industry?

Never stop learning and ensure that you’re committed to your education. Start with the basics of computer hardware and the network and then build a security-focused understanding on top of that. It is the same thing we tell our students who come in seeking an ethical hacking certification, you may be able to learn enough to pass the test but without a strong foundation you won’t be able to use your skills any further than that. So be committed to establishing the foundation, trust us, it will pay off throughout the rest of your security career.  

Even when you have established a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, don’t stop there. The security industry changes rapidly and the best you can do is to stay on top of it and keep yourself informed as much as possible.

Talk about next generation issues. What are our future threats? What frightens you?

Technology changes rapidly and it will take tremendous amount of manpower to stay ahead of the curve but even then we won’t always be able to stay ahead of the changes in this field. The best example we have recently seen is the widespread initiative to improving mobile security. For as long as mobile devices and applications have been around, and have become integrated into our lives, only recently has the drive to improve mobile security been so prevalent. This is the biggest threat we face, the fact that when security issues appear through new and existing technologies, we are still somewhat naïve as to how to best fix them.

Moving into the future, this is something the next generation of cyber professionals needs to focus on. Our biggest fear is simply the vast amount of vulnerable spaces we have both individually and as a nation. Building and educating a large cyber-workforce is a must moving into the future.   

What’s your motivation?

At our very core, we are teachers and each day we strive to provide the most up-to-date and useful information as possible to our audience. When we can teach a reader about a new, crazy technology that was just released or keep them informed on the changes in the global cyber front, then we have our done our job. That is our primary motivation for maintaining this blog. Our secondary motivation is simply that we enjoy it. This is what we love so researching and writing about all the changes in this industry is just as exciting and interesting for us and it has become something we look forward to each week.

What’s your motto?

Achieving Success. Together.