One of the great things about the RSA conference is the conglomeration of really smart people. 

At RSA 2010, I started making short (30 second – 2 minute) videos of luminaries and other smart people to get their insights into various aspects of information security. 

I did it again at last week’s show, and below are the people and links to the video. 

Notice that I was able in interview such seminal figures at Whit Diffie, Martin Hellman and Bill Cheswick.  Not only are these people brilliant and humble, they are quite accessible; no pretense or prima donna attitude.  While this is not an advertised feature of the conference, it is one of the most compelling reasons to attend.  Up close and personal, to the brightest guys in the room. 

In alphabetical order: 

  1. Idan Aharoni
  2. Jayson Agagnier
  3. Bill Cheswick
  4. Jack Daniel
  5. Dr. Whitfield Diffie
  6. Ryk Edelstein
  7. Ruven Harrison
  8. Dr. Martin Hellman
  9. Jim Huddleston
  10. Pete Lindstrom
  11. Joji Montelvano
  12. David Navetta
  13. Ralph Poore
  14. Ed Skoudis
  15. Ron Woerner