Cyber Attack, CyberCrime, CyberWarfare - CyberComplacency is definitely not your typical information security title.  Mix in a few parts reference, technical guide, rant, scary stories, comedy and myriad references to movies, and there you have this book.

The full title of the book is actually Cyber Attack, CyberCrime, CyberWarfare - CyberComplacency: Is Hollywood's blueprint for Chaos coming true?  In the movies, evil hackers are able to take down entire networks and continents with a single-click.   The book shows where many movie plots are farfetched.  But is also pragmatic enough to detail how the Internet is leading to the point where large DoS attacks can indeed bring done large swaths of the Internet. 


Osborne uses references to Hollywood movies in order to show the many holes and vulnerabilities in today’s networks.  He seems to be the first one to use the term cybercomplacency; which is intuitively the reason for the majority of information security breaches.  Far too many organizations think that attacks won’t happen to them.

The main theme of the book is the threat of DoS and how they are a danger to all networks.  The book spends ample time on DoS mitigation strategies. 

The book provides enough low-level technical details to give the novice a thorough understanding of the many security threats, but is not so high-level as to bore the more advanced reader.

Some of the topics are dealt with on the book’s YouTube page here.

At under 300 pages, the book will definitely be of interest to CIO’s and those that that need to get the message about DoS and other network security issues.

The message in Cyber Attack, CyberCrime, CyberWarfare - CyberComplacency  is both entertaining and serious.  But more importantly, it can’t be ignored.