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Focus on: Protecting Data & Applied Crypto

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  • Paul Kocher

    Paul Kocher
    Security Entrepreneur and Researcher

    Paul Kocher is a renowned cryptographer, whose research is focused on the algorithms, hardware and software that underpin the security of modern systems. 

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  • Davi Ottenheimer

    Davi Ottenheimer
    Founder, flyingpenguin

    Davi Ottenheimer is focused on cultural disruptions of emerging technology and the ethics of defense, with over 25 years of experience in global security operations and assessments, including digital forensics and incident response. 

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On the one hand, crypto agility is partly the story of developers...but there is also a customer perspective. Customers are thinking about how they can configure cryptography.

- David Ott , Senior Staff Researcher and Academic Program Director, VMware Research