Tommy Jinks

SVP, Bank of America

Tommy Jinks is a Senior Vice President and Principle Infosec Researcher at a major American bank. After misspending his youth in a multitude of roles with the US military, the US government and the US offshore oil industry he met and married his wife of 23 years. Finding "True Love" led to a partiality for roles in which getting blown up at work was less certain. With more than 20 years working with innovation and research teams across the financial industry where he attempts to get fired by making mundane things do more interesting things, Tommy has a keen understanding of building and deploying innovative technologies in risk averse and highly regulated environments. Tommy loves sharing his experiences with others and facilitating opportunities for them to succeed. In his free time, he creates handmade furniture with traditional woodworking tools, chases script kiddies off of his digital lawn and builds his own electronics from scratch. He is active in his local church and lives in the woods near Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife, dog, cockatiel, 4 cats, 11 chickens, 30,000 honey bees and a Weller soldering iron.