Teri Radichel

CEO, 2nd Sight Lab

Teri Radichel performs cloud penetration testing, assessments, audit assistance through her company 2nd Sight Lab. She is the author of a cloud security class and teaches cloud security around the world. Her security certifications include the GSE, GXPN, GCIH, GPEN, GCCC, GSE, GREM and GCPM. She has a master of software engineering and a master of security engineering. Radichel speaks at conferences like RSA, AWS re:Invent, AWS re:Inforce, Microsoft Build, IANS, ISACA, BSides, Countermeasure (Ottawa), ServerlessDays (London) and OWASP AppSec Day (Australia). She has a book in progress called Cybersecurity for Executives on her blog: https://medium.com/cloud-security which you can also find on Twitter @2ndsightlab.