Philip Aldrich

Adjunct Professor, Cybersecurity Policy and Governance MS, Boston College and Director, Enterprise Risk Management and Governance, Risk, and Compliance, Dell/Boston College

Phil Aldrich has over 10 years experience building and leading enterprise governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs at Fortune 500 companies. Currently, he is the Director of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) at EMC; responsible for the development and implementation of EMC’s GRC and ERM programs. He reports directly to EMC’s chief risk officer and is the Business Owner of the RSA Archer platform at EMC. Further, he is an Adjunct Professor at Boston College within the M.S. cybersecurity policy and governance program. He holds a B.S. (engineering) from the United States Military Academy and two M.S. degrees from Boston University: information systems (concentration security), administrative studies (concentration innovation and technology).