Paul Burmester

Head of Innovation & Partnerships, Singtel Innov8 Ventures

Paul is the Head of Innovation & Partnerships at Singtel Innov8, a $250M Corporate Venture Capital fund responsible for identifying innovative startups globally, making strategic investments, supporting their growth and driving engagement with the Singtel Group. Paul’s career has seen 6 successful exits leading to over $4.7B increased shareholder value gained through IPO and/or acquisition. Some notable successes: SpinVox, a leading developer of “Speech to Text” technology, was acquired by Nuance for $103M; ViAir, the first company to develop real time mobile access to Exchange and Notes, sold to Visto for $65M; Paragon Software, inventor of SyncML, acquired by for $515M; and Mobile Systems International, the leading designer of mobile phone networks, sold to Marconi for $618M.