Mudumbai Ranganathan

Computer Engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Mudumbai Ranganathan is a Computer Engineer in the Advanced Networking Technologies Division at NIST where he engages in applied standards development. He is currently developing architectures and prototypes for IoT security. He previously worked at IBM, Nortel and Avaya as a Computer Scientist and as a Mechanical Engineer. Ranganathan has produced a number of open source products. Examples include a widely used SIP stack and SIP IP PBX, Service Logic Execution Environment, Spectrum Monitoring System for Spectrum Utilization estimates and most recently, a MUD manager for IOT Access Control. Ranganathan holds a BTech in mechanical engineering (IIT Madras),  MS in M.E. (UIC), MS in E.E. (UIC), MS in C.S. (UMD), and a graduate certificate in signal processing (UMD).