Dr. Michael Mylrea

Director of Cybersecurity R&D (ICS, IoT, IIoT), GE Global Research

Michael Mylrea is the Director of Cybersecurity R&D (ICS, IoT, IIoT) at GE Global Research. Previously, he was a Senior Technical Advisor at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he lead cybersecurity R&D efforts, focusing on securing and optimizing IoT/ICS. Mylrea has 17+ years of experience developing innovative solutions for complex cybersecurity and technology challenges for industry and government. He holds various cyber-patents, 50+ publications, launched a successful cyber-consultancy and held senior positions with US Departments of Energy and Defense, Cyber Innovation Development (CISO), Deloitte, US Cyber Consequences Unit, Lakeside Oil and Harvard Berkman Center. He completed his doctorate as a CyberCorps Fellow at GWU, focused on cyber-resilience and completed various degrees, courses and certifications at Tufts, UW-Madison, WGU, Harvard and MIT.