Alex Kobray

Director of Physical Security and Counterterrorism, Flashpoint

Under 30 years old, Alex breaks the intelligence analyst mold in many ways. She is the director of physical security and counterterrorism at Flashpoint, leading her team in scouring illicit online communities to understand the specifics and online chatter of jihadists – while mitigating the risk between both the physical security and cybersecurity they pose as it pertains to insider threats, brand reputation, and more. Alex also assists law enforcement and intelligence agencies in terrorism investigations and prosecutions and consults private sector organizations on both physical and cyber security. She regularly presents to various audiences, including law enforcement, to discuss the monitoring and addressing the threat that stems from jihadists. With prior roles at Interpol and the Afghan Embassy in Washington, Alex holds a Masters in Global Affairs, concentration in Transnational Security from New York University, and an undergraduate degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Conflict & Security and a Minor in Religion from the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University, where she also studied Arabic. Alex has been featured for her knowledge and skills everywhere from NBC where she was a terrorism analyst for a few years, to The New York Times, and was featured in Glamour for being a huge advocate for women in security, as she says she “speaks her mind so young girls can too.” She was also previously recognized by SC Media as one of eight women to watch in IT security and named a female role model for young security professionals by CSO.