Behind every great cybersecurity company is a stroke of genius that started it all. It can happen anywhere—the kitchen, the carbut when it comes to getting those ideas off the ground, there’s no better place than RSAC Launch Pad.

RSAC Launch Pad is designed to give early stage startups a platform to share their brilliant industry solutions. The three finalists below competed in a Shark Tank®-style format to try to convince a panel of venture capital investors and CISOs that their product has strong potential for success. And all participants walked away with insights and tips into what could take their pitch and company to the next level. The winner, Strobes, will receive a kiosk at the RSA Conference 2020 USA Early Stage Expo. 

RSAC 2019 APJ Launch Pad Winner: Strobes



RSAC Launch Pad Finalists



RSAC Launch Pad Judges

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