As a cybersecurity professional, you’re probably encountering situations and fielding questions you’ve never had to face before. We put together this resource center to help provide some of the answers you may be looking for. These webcasts, videos, blogs, and more cover a variety of topics that could be useful as you strive to overcome whatever challenges are thrown you way. Be sure to bookmark this page; we’ll be updating it with new content frequently.




Aren’t You Glad You Already
Have a Privacy Team?

The lines of privacy and cybersecurity intersect in many places, both expected and unexpected. The current threat landscape is sure to change the way that we think about privacy and privacy regulations in the future. In this webcast, privacy experts will look at both the security and privacy implications of collecting personal data, coupled with the security concerns that stem from so many employees now working from home.


How a Global Crisis Changes
the Threat Landscape

Many of the cyber threats we see today are hardly new. What has changed in recent weeks is the threat landscape. But why? And how? In this podcast we will look at how a global crisis can change the threat landscape and how industries can work together to effectively navigate and mitigate those changes. 

Humans and technology. A complicated—and fascinating—pair.
Podcast featuring Britta Glade, Hugh Thompson, Alexander Stein & Gopal Padinjaruveetil
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Incident Response Analysis vs. Automation: What Matters Most Right Now
Podcast featuring Britta Glade, Hugh Thompson, Robert Lee & Krity Westphal
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What SMBs Need to Know to Survive a Ransomware Attack
Webcast featuring Kiersten Todt & Tanya Janca
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Revisiting Mobile MFA Madness to Improve Device Hygiene and Integrity Challenges
Podcast featuring Kacy Zurkus, Aaron Turner & Georgia Weidman
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Perspectives on the Times with RSAC AdBoard Members
Podcast featuring Caroline Wong, Todd Inskeep & Kacy Zurkus
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Presenting Virtually? Here’s How to Do It Right
Webcast featuring Lesley Carhart & Ron Woerner
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Hackers & Threats

Why Logging in the Cloud Is Now More Imperative than Ever

In our weekly Top 5 RSA Conference Resources blog series, we’ve asked speakers, “If you were to present your session today, instead of several weeks ago, what would you change/add/do differently (particularly in the apply slide)?


Weekly News Roundup April 20-24, 2020

Malware and Misconfigurations—The 2nd Annual RSAC SOC Report

Follow the Money: The Link between Passwords and Terrorism

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MITRE ATT&CK: The Sequel

When Cybercriminals with Good OpSec Attack

JavaScript Skimmers, Formjacking and Magecart: All You Need to Know

Forensic Techniques against Hackers Evading the Hook

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The Ghost in the Machine: Reconciling AI and Trust in the Connected World

The adoption of advanced data technologies is one of the defining characteristics of the connected world. From ML to AI, we are getting a smarter, more personal world. The dystopic view is that not only Big Brother but many parties can monitor, control and manipulate us. What are the implications...

Mobile & IoT Security

How a Global Crisis Changes the Threat Landscape

Threats evolve and change, but many of the threats in the attacker’s playbook are hardly new. They have been around for a while. What has changed in recent weeks is the threat landscape, but why and how? In this podcast we will look at how a global crisis can change the threat landscape and...

Challenges in Android Supply Chain Analysis

Mobile MFA Madness: Mobile Device Hygiene and MFA Integrity Challenges


Top 5 RSA Conference Resources of the Week

Threats change and evolve, but one thing that remains consistent for the RSA Conference community is access to the education you need in order to navigate the security challenges your organization is facing. This week,...

Data Ethics and Privacy Engineering in Cybersecurity

Privacy by Design Lessons from Beyoncé

It’s All about the States: Navigating the Privacy Thicket

Workforce Development

Securing the New Normal: A Virtual Happy Hour on Moving Forward

Join a panel of highly respected industry leaders for a virtual happy hour to discuss the future of cybersecurity. During this roundtable discussion, we’ll cover what’s next for the industry and the ways in which cybersecurity will evolve as we come to understand the “new normal.” We’ll also...

Weekly News Roundup April 13-17, 2020

#Psybersecurity: Mental Health Impact of Cyberattacks

The First 6 Months as a CISO Determines Success or Failure

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Leaders Needed: Preventing the Next Big Breach

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